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General Information:
-maximum casting capacity: 70,000 tons annually
-total staff of the company: 600
Foundry is operated and managed under requirement of IATF16949
Typical material supplied:
EN-GJL-150, GJL-200, GJL-250, GJL-300, GJL-350
EN-GJS-400-18-LT, GJS-500-7, GJS-600-3, GJS-700-2, GJS-800-2
Austempered ductile Iron:
ADI 800-10 (EN-GJS-800-8), ADI 1050-6 (EN-GJS-1000-5), ADI 1200-3 (EN-GJS-1200-2), ADI 1400-1 (EN-GJS-1400-1)
The industries we are supplying:
Construction machinery, Automotive industry, Railway vehicle manufacturing, Machine building
Suitable Weight: from 0.1 kg to 400 kgs
Flask Size:
450x400 mm,15 flasks/hr. / 850x700 mm, 15 flasks/hr. / 1200x1000x1000 mm, 50 flasks/hr.